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A comprehensive medical history is always taken first, so that we can take care of you while providing dental treatment.

In order to discuss your problems and the treatments you require, we may use digital photography, digital X rays and computer graphics. For cosmetic dentistry, we may show you what is possible to achieve by showing you previous work completed at this practice.

  • Record teeth present and restorations (e.g. fillings, crowns and dentures present)
  • Check and record caries and defective restorations
  • Check and record level of oral hygiene and gum disease (a high percentage of people have gum disease without knowing)
  • Check your occlusion (bite)
  • Discuss any aesthetic improvement for your all your teeth and in particular, your smile.
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Soft tissue and facial examination

  • Check for ulcers and lumps and other signs of mouth cancer inside the cheeks,  palate, tongue and floor of mouth.
  • Check the health of the jaw joints (TMJ), and lumps under the jaw.
  • Discuss any desires you may have regarding frown lines, creases and lip enhancements

As part of examination we use digital photography where necessary and digital X-rays to show and explain any problems we find with the teeth and jaws. We usually take before and after photos where facial aesthetic procedures are done.

With the help of "medivision" software, we can show and explain treatment options available with pictures and graphics so you now can see exactly what treatment is proposed.

Where treatment is required we will schedule an appointment and give you, if required, written treatment plans and costs.

With our practice membership plan which is a very successful way of budgeting for the costs of your treatment, you can benefit from a 20% discount on all your treatment; it also includes twice yearly examinations and hygiene appointments and a worldwide accident and emergency cover.

Please call 0208 452 9085 for more information

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