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Dear Dr Daar
I would like to thank you so much for the successful completion of my teeth implants. At first I had some misgivings wondering whether I should put up with loose teeth or wearing a dental plate for such a long time. But now the procedure is complete I am happy that you advised me on Implants and that I can eat merrily again.
S. Markbride. January 2004

Dear Dr Daar
I would just like to express my gratitude for my new implants. I was really fed up with my dentures, sometimes I was in so much pain and I was not able to enjoy properly one of life’s pleasures…!!! I am extremely happy that I took your advice and had the Implants done since they were a great success and I can now enjoy my food without any discomfort. I can recommend this procedure to anyone, it is not cheap but well worth it!!!
I.Fraga. April 2007

Dear Dr Daar
Thank you for your empathy and professionalism during the implant process. It is a big decision and you have been calm and understanding about it. The result is totally triumphant and there was no pain throughout. At 45, I could not have lived with a denture, and I now feel "complete" again and able to carry on smiling without feeling self-conscience or uncomfortable. You explained every aspect of it carefully and thoroughly, which was totally reassuring - even the cost - and I am truely grateful. Yours sincerely.
Emily S. December 2007

I would like to thank Dr Daar for suggesting teeth implants.I am so pleased with the outcome although I was apprehensive when having my first implants, both the cost involved and the procedure which took a bit of time,I can honestly say it was well worth it. It feels just like part of my natural teeth, and I can enjoy my food so much more. I was so happy,  in fact, that I have now undergone a second teeth implant proceure.This is in fact a lot simpler &quicker than the first. I would recommend it.
Kindest regards
R.Vadjagar. February 2008

Dear Dr Daar
Having had a tooth Implant recently, I am very grateful for your helpful advice and expertise.Its not cheap to have done ofcourse, but when completed the results outshine any work I had to endure and worth the money. Being able to eat naturally again is wonderful . I am delighted. Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Kay Holloway. February 2008

In late 2006, I was preparing for my wedding day, when a recent photo revealed I had a "gappy" smile. So on the recommendation of my dentist, I saw Dr Daar to discuss an Implant. Very soon after I had the first rod insert with the most meticulous care and professionalism. Then a short while later the second component was fitted and once this was completely settled the crown was fitted. Now I have to remind myself which tooth is actually the implant as it looks and feels like the real thing. If the situation arose again, I would not hesitate for another implant procedure with Dr Daar.
Sarah McAffrey, July 2008


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